Merino Dress

Knit dresses are my go to items for work for winter.  I can wear a cardigan but do find my office which has huge glass expanses, can get very hot when the sun is out.  Handknits therefore are not ideal.  A merino knit dress is a completely different matter.  With this dress I was aiming for something different to my favourite knit dress pattern but with a similar success rate, if you know what I mean!

I like wrap dresses so a mock wrap was my starting point.  I did have Vogue 1027 in my collection but wanted sleeves.  I decided to use the bodice from Butterick 5950 but didn't particularly like the figure hugging nature of the skirt so switched it out for Vogue 1250.

The verdict....well I love the bodice on this dress, it sits beautifully.  In my frankenpattern wisdom I added elastic in a waist casing like my Lady Skater but after wearing it a couple of times, I came home from work today and unpicked the casing and removed the elastic.  I feel that the elasticated waist is too much of a feature and I really want it to disappear.  I didn't use elastic in Vogue 1250 so felt it unnecessary.  We will see how this latest modification goes.


  1. Oh that bodice looks great, and what a lovely fit. I think swapping skirts was a good idea, the original might be a bit 'bodycon' for work in a merino knit; I know I'm not comfortable wearing a tight merino or knit skirt for work.

    1. Thank you! Bodycon doesn't sit well with me in any situation anymore.

  2. Very creative work to use different parts from different patterns. This dress is very flattering on you and looks like it will be great for work. The merino must be lovely and warm too.

  3. Looks beautiful. You've achieved a great fit on the bodice, which is hard for a wrap dres.


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