Scrap Busting

No sewing was done this weekend.  Instead I was in full party mode with rather a large milestone birthday in our house.  No, it was not my own but Courteney's who turned 18.  This involved not one but two nights of celebrations.  As part of the preparations I made two outfits.  After all the idea parenting an adult is quite a change in both my and my husbands life as well.  I didn't get a chance to take outfit photos on the day's so therefore I will need to recreate these this week.  Instead,  here is something I created earlier.

I do have rather a good assortment of work appropriate tops but weekend tees are another matter completely. Last weekend I repurposed two rather useless pieces of knit fabric into a winter version of Burdastyle 2/2013 view 126, this time with long sleeves.

I decided that I wanted a somewhat looser fit though, so combined it with Tessuti Lola tee to get the ideal width in the body.  For the sleeves I used leftovers from this Burdastyle tee and this dress.  I am rather pleased with how this turned out so am determined to find more fabric to make another.  I knew I was onto a winner when Courteney asked me to make her one.  I better keep an eye on this top, or it may just disappear when my back is turned one day!


  1. What an inventive way to use up those leftover pieces of fabric. This top looks like you purchased these fabrics specifically to make this top. Love your work.

  2. Great fabric matching choices - I'm so terrible at putting together two pieces of different fabrics together, which is why I make so many solid colour outfits.

  3. I love this kind of sewing. I think you definitely better hide it -I would want to steal it too.

  4. Your fabric combination looks completely intentional. I can see why there is competition for this terrific top.
    Happy birthday to Courteney, I am looking forward to seeing the outfits.

  5. Looks great! I love this pattern, I've made it twice recently :)


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