Better By 3

You may have seen on Instagram a few weeks back, my frustrations with Deer & Doe's Plantain tee.  I made the pink on up first only to find out that my cozy merino poly prop had a massive neck and was anything but cozy even with a scarf.  I thought about leaving it as it was but fortuitously I purchased way more of the fabric at The Fabric Store than I actually needed so was able to cut a new front and neckband.  This did make my size 6 version a smidge tighter but I was lucky enough ease as to not make it too tight.  For the new neckline I used Tessuti Alexa, a favourite of mine which is the perfect depth for the depths of winter.

Being of the 'one is never enough' opinion, I then set too and made two more in cotton lycra.  The first in practical white and the second in classic navy and white stripes.  Both are made from a lovely heavy weight cotton lycra from Fabric Vision.

Some might say a tee shirt is a tee shirt, and there is certainly a lot of Indie tee patterns to choose from but what I particularly like about this one is the fitting bodice and gentle flare at the hips.  It doesn't cling and ride up like some are prone to do and on a 8 shaped body it gently skims the hips.

All three tops are now in regular rotation and could well be my new favourites.


  1. These look very nice, one can't have enough comfy stylish tees in lovely fabric 😀

  2. Great looking and practical tops to add to your wardrobe. I have this pattern but haven't got around to trying it yet. Thanks for sharing your tips regarding the neckline.

    1. I am a sucker for a pretty dress that generally gathers dust. I should be making more of these!

  3. Great tees. The striped one is my surprise.


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