Sunday, May 31, 2015

Me Made May 2015 - Week Four

 Day 24 - 16 degrees celcius.  Wearing Jalie cardigan and tee for casual Sunday.  Forgot to take my photograph today hence the evening camera photo.

Day 25 - 10 degrees celcius.  Don't let the sun fool you.  It was bitterly cold today and windy with snow on the surrounding hilltops.  Rugged up warm for work in me made cardigan, modified Vogue 1247 skirt and Sewaholic Belcarra blouse.

Day 26 - 11 degrees celcius.  Wearing Vogue 6071 dress and me made cardigan for work followed by meetings.

Day 27 - 11 degrees celcius.  Wearing Lekala 4329 in pleather and Megan Nielsen Kelly skirt for work.

Day 28 - 12 degrees celcius.  Wearing Simplicity 2508 coat which is now 3 years old and Butterick 5950 in merino.  It was still -2 degrees celcius when I went to work at 8.30am so I added a scarf for extra warmth.  Yay today spells the end of the working week for me so last work me made photo.

Day 29 - On a road trip today some 4 hours south so comfort was key.  Wearing My Image ponti pants, Tessuti Lola frankenpattern, and Jalie 3352 frankenpattern cardigan.

Day 30 - Wearing Layers for a swim meet.  It is ridiculously hot at the pool and cold outside so today wearing McCall's 6992, Jalie 3352 tee and Jalie Jeans.

Day 31 - Last day of swim meet today and road trip home later in the day so more comfort layers today. Wearing Jalie 3352 tee and McCall's 6992 again because it is a favourite.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Me Made May 2015 - Week Three

Day 17 - 13 degrees celcius.  Wearing McCall's 6992 for a day of housework and grocery shopping.

Day 18 - 18 degrees celcius.  Wearing Sewaholic Oakridge and Vogue 1247 to work

Day 19 - 13 degrees celcius.  Sunny day but getting quite wintery.  Wearing Sewaholic Thurlows and New Look 6050 shirt to work.

Day 20 - 14 degrees celcius.  Wearing Vogue 1027 dress for work and meetings.

Day 21 - 22 degrees celcius.  I was a little overdressed for work today in Vogue 1194 a DKNY dress.  I should have left the tights and boots in the wardrobe

Day 22 - 12 degrees celcius.  Cold but sunny.. Wearing merino cowl neck Sewaholic Renfrew, Sewaholic Cordova and Ginger Jeans for work followed by school football then swim squads and finally shopping.  I forgot to take my photo in all the mayhem today, and rushed out in fading sunlight

Day 23 - -2 degree start rising to 14 degrees celcius.  It was a bitterly cold start to the day hence the layers.  I was supposed to go to my sons rugby match but ended up fabric shopping instead. Wearing Sewaholic Minoru, Jalie Jeans, Jalie Cardigan and Jalie tee. 

For some reason Me Made May has slipped my mind a couple of times in the past week.  I am not sure whether that is a measure of my enthusiasm this far through or because Me Made is a large part of my life anyway.  There may be repeats in the next week but I am okay with that.  We all have our favourites don't we!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Getting My Ducks In A Row

My current project started as a recycling project but actually turned out to be quite an expensive one.  I had an unused cardigan that had quite a bit of lovely merino wool in it.  I wanted to upcycle it into something that I would actually wear.  I decided to head to The Fabric Store for a little inspiration.

I ended up buying 70cm of this lovely but quite costly merino print with McCall's 6992 in mind.  It wasn't until I got back to my car that I realised that the fabric I had chosen was actually ducks.  Oh well, I have no objection to ducks which is just as well really.

I cut the pattern to a size 10 and made no alterations other than to shorten the sleeves.  It was a really quick make and I am really happy with the final result.  I particularly like the slight high/low hemline.   I think this may well be my new favourite top!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Ponti Pants

 In the end of summer sale, I scored a two metre piece of the thickest most gorgeous ponti I have ever come across, from Cotura Fashions for a very modest $6 per metre.  I couldn't get out of the shop fast enough!  I would have bought more but that was the end of the roll.  This stuff is incredible!  It has the best suck it all in properties of any ponti I have come across yet!  My aim was to make a pair of trousers that were more like jeans than leggings but have all the comfort of leggings.  I also wanted to be able to wear them to work on occasions.

 I really like the design details on My Image M1253 form Autumn/Winter 12/13.  I wasn't too sure what size to make up so I chose size 38 based on my measurements.  In hindsight I should have made a size 36 because these were massive.  It wasn't a huge problem though.  I simply made up the front panel then laid my jeans pattern on top and re cut them to match.  I did end up with a considerably reduced pleated inset but actually I don't think it is a problem.

I did briefly consider adding a mock fly and waistband but in the end just opted for a regular elastic cased waistband.  I really love the fit on these.  I deliberately kept the ankles slightly looser to avoid the whole leggings look.   I really like that if I wanted to, I could actually wear shorter tops with these as well.  I probably wouldn't but the option is always there.

Look!  No wobbly bits!

Would I make these again?  Yup, with the right fabric, this would definitely be a possibility.  I even have a vague idea of making these up as running pants with brightly coloured insets.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Me Made May 2015 - Week Two

MMM15 Day 9 - 18 degrees celcius.  Wearing Pilot House Pullover by Amy Herzog and Tessuti Alexa long sleeve tee,  for early morning rugby.  It was 3 degrees when I left home and 18 degrees by the end of the game so layers were key.

MMM15 Day 10 - 18 degrees celcius.  Wearing Sewaholic Granville and Jalie Jeans for a casual relaxing Mother's Day

MMM15 Day 11 - 21 degrees celcius.  Wearing McCall's 6842 and Sewaholic Oakridge.

MMM15 Day 12 - 19 degrees celcius.  Wearing Lady Skater for work.

MMM15 Day 13 - 20 degrees celcius after a 3 degree start to the day.  Wearing Grainline Archer shirt and Vogue 1247 adapted to a pencil skirt for work.

MMM15 Day 14 - 18 degrees celcius.  Wearing Jalie 3352 lengthened to dress length. 

MMM15 Day 15 - 12 degrees celcius wearing Burdastyle boyfriend shirt (from 2013), Simplicity 2508 and My Image ponti pants to work.  If I look a little worried in this photo, it is because it is really cold and actually raining at the time.

MMM15 - Day 16 - 12 degrees celcius.  Wearing Owls by Kate Davies jersey and self drafted merino turtle neck that pre dates my blog to football and rugby to watch my kids.

It is the end of week two and I am still not feeling any pressure with this challenge.  Most of what I wear on a daily basis is made by me so really nothing much has changed apart from my daily photographs.  The last couple of days, the weather has turned quite wintery which has given me the opportunity to mix things up a bit and drag out my warmer gear.  I am still wearing a few me made items, namely jeans, because my rtw jeans are my favourites.  I don't feel any pressure to change this but I would like to improve my jean fitting skills because jeans form the basis of my go to weekend wear.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pilot House in Red

For once I have finished a project at the right time of the year!  
Winter has not really made it's presence felt but come 1 June, I am under no illusions that it will. 

I had come to the conclusion after completing my owls jersey, which incidentally I haven't worn yet, that shaped jerseys are the most flattering shape on me.  I also came to the conclusion after my Owls jersey and Miette cardigan that I don't like knitting in the round on circular needles.  The Pilot House Jersey by Amy Herzog proved to be the perfect solution and best of all, I could use her custom fit software to get the perfect fit for both my wool/tension and size.

To trial the pattern I used an op shop find,  the perfect amount of wool still wrapped in it's paper covers.  It is Patons Caressa which according to Ravelry is discontinued.  I knitted it on 4mm needles and the composition of the wool is 45% wool, 45% acrylic and 10% mohair so it should be nice and warm.  

I love the fit of this jersey but I think the neckline as shown is perhaps too low.  For this reason I chose to raise it but I feel it is now possibly too high.  Never mind, I can soon remedy this for my second version which incidently I have already begun!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Granville V2

What is this V2, I hear you ask?  Well V1 has been completed for over a month but said recipient of my endeavours has been too busy at Uni to model it for me.  Our current Indian summer has also meant that it hasn't really been worn anyway.

In the last set of school holidays, I was fortunate enough to take a weeks leave from work.  During my break I was able to find the time for one of my Op Shop visits, just to check out the fabric bin, as you do!  In the bin was the smallest sample of wool blend plaid shirting.  It had a sticker on it with the composition but in my haste to get this washed and made up, I forgot to remove the sticker and the actual composition was lost forever.

I new when I bought this fabric that I would struggle to cut all of the pieces of my Granville out especially given quite a bit of pattern matching was required.  I also decided that to make the shirt a little more feminine I wanted to add some contrasting trim.  On a trip to Lincraft I picked up some navy cotton spot fabric. One third of a metre was all I needed to add interest to the cuffs and inside collar and to take the pressure off my meagre plaid shirting.  I had to cut the under collar in two pieces and the cuffs the pocket and the yoke on the bias to get the shirt out but am quite pleased with the way it has turned out.

I cut the shirt to a size 6, as per my normal Sewaholic measurements and made very few changes to the pattern.  I only had to shorten the sleeves considerably, and run the side seams in slightly at the hips.  I really like the shape of this shirt and there will definitely be more.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Me Made May 2015 - Week One

Day one wearing Sewaholic Thurlow trousers and Sewaholic Oakridge blouse

Day Two wearing Jalie 3352 for an early morning start watching my youngest son play rugby.

Day Three wearing Jalie 3352 again in long sleeve tee shirt form and again remade into a cardigan.

Day Four wearing New Look 6145 for work.

Day Five wearing Jalie 3352 cardigan again, Vogue 1247 and Sewaholic Belcarra for work.

Day 6 wearing Grainline Alder to work.

Day 8, and yes I know, not strictly part of week one but it is the end of the working week.  Wearing My Image M1409 from summer 2014 issue and McCall's 6611 jacket

Week one of Me Made May has been helped a great deal by the weather.  We are experiencing an Indian summer with temperatures up to 27 degrees celcius.  This has mean't I have been able to stretch my autumn wardrobe with some summer makes.  The challenge of course is to wear my summer gear in such a way that it is autumn appropriate.  I try not to wear too many bright colours at once at this time of the year.  I don't know why but it just feels a little odd to do so.  

Week one has not really been too much of a challenge because most of my wardrobe is now me made.  Hopefully I will still feel the same on day 31!