Granville V2

What is this V2, I hear you ask?  Well V1 has been completed for over a month but said recipient of my endeavours has been too busy at Uni to model it for me.  Our current Indian summer has also meant that it hasn't really been worn anyway.

In the last set of school holidays, I was fortunate enough to take a weeks leave from work.  During my break I was able to find the time for one of my Op Shop visits, just to check out the fabric bin, as you do!  In the bin was the smallest sample of wool blend plaid shirting.  It had a sticker on it with the composition but in my haste to get this washed and made up, I forgot to remove the sticker and the actual composition was lost forever.

I new when I bought this fabric that I would struggle to cut all of the pieces of my Granville out especially given quite a bit of pattern matching was required.  I also decided that to make the shirt a little more feminine I wanted to add some contrasting trim.  On a trip to Lincraft I picked up some navy cotton spot fabric. One third of a metre was all I needed to add interest to the cuffs and inside collar and to take the pressure off my meagre plaid shirting.  I had to cut the under collar in two pieces and the cuffs the pocket and the yoke on the bias to get the shirt out but am quite pleased with the way it has turned out.

I cut the shirt to a size 6, as per my normal Sewaholic measurements and made very few changes to the pattern.  I only had to shorten the sleeves considerably, and run the side seams in slightly at the hips.  I really like the shape of this shirt and there will definitely be more.


  1. Looks so good on you, especially over white jeans. I've seen so many great versions I might just break my self imposed pattern diet.

  2. Wow! Fabulous fit and perfect pattern matching. The contrasting polka dots are a lovely touch. Great shirt.


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