Green Jeans

There have been a lot of army coloured pants appearing in clothing stores of late and I have fallen hard for them.  I don't know whether it was because I had picked up this gorgeous piece of stretch moleskin in Cotura Fashions end of summer fabric sale.  Yes, I know, moleskin is not a summer fabric but it was there and begging to be bought!  Of course, it makes sense then, that all pants of the army persuasion were going to be on my radar.  I was leaning towards a pair of Ginger Jeans but I don't feel that I am quite ready to let go of my Jalie pattern just yet!  It is not perfect but it is pretty close to it!  New shiny things though, are always tempting me.

There really isn't a lot left to say about this pattern, that I haven't said before.  The advantage to having made so many pairs is of course, that they go together pretty quickly, if you take the trying on time out of the equation.  Isn't that just the worst part of making trousers?

To save on buying excess threads, I just used regular overlocker thread for my top stitching but did splurge on a jeans twin needle.

My moleskin fabric was listed as having 2% stretch but I beg to differ!  These puppies grew extraordinarily during the course of the day.  To the point, that after these photos were taken I quickly whipped them off and laid a pair of my favourite rtw jeans on top and run them in.  Boy did I run them in!  In parts I think I removed 2cm from the side seam.

In the above picture you can see zip exposure just below the waistband.  This was a product of a malfunction at work.  Just as well I was wearing a belt, because the button fell off and the only thing keeping these up for the rest of the day was my belt.  Unfortunately I still haven't worked out how to keep these darn jean buttons from falling apart.  I have since, taken the hammer to the button.  Hopefully it won't happen again.


  1. Great fitting jeans. I can see why you are reluctant to try a different pattern. You are on a winner with the Jalie jeans.

    1. Thank you! I should really hold on to that because I am always tempted by other patterns.

  2. You are really nailing the pants making. I've had this pattern for years and it has never been out of the pack. Shame on me!


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