2015 - A Wrap Up

Just looking through my photographs I realise just how many successes I have had this year.  My sewing has finally moved from pretty to practical and my me made items are some of my most worn and favourite items in my wardrobe.  That being said, me made makes up 90% of my wardrobe also.  Despite working extended hours now, I hope this is something I can keep up because a recent shopping trip made me realise just how much I value the fit and quality of the items I make compared to their rtw counterparts.

Most Worn Items

This is a tough one because there are now so many.  I would have to say, both versions of my Ginger Jeans.  These are by far the best pants I have ever made and since I wear jeans outside of work constantly they also give me the best bang for my buck.  Followed closely by my Merino boyfriend cardigan made using Jalie 3352 but altered to a cardigan.

Item I Am Most Proud Of

I would have to say the item I am most proud of is both versions of leather jacket I have made this year.  I began by making one for myself and quickly followed this with one for Courteney out of the leftovers.  This is closely followed by my Grainline Cascade which is the first coat I reach for in the winter months.

Noteable Mentions

Well, this is perhaps the most difficult category because I could name so many but I think simply because I have worn the darn things practically to death, I would have to say both my Grainline Morris blazers and Sewaholic Oakridge blouses.  This is currently being closely followed by my Tessuti Alice New Look mash up.  I have worn this top so much lately and I think it will need a friend sometime soon because I have noticed it is starting to show signs of wear.

Not My Best Work

I am not sure what to put here so my benchmark is items that have now passed on to the Op Shop and I am happy to report that nothing I have made this year has been given the flick but there may be one item moving on at the end of the summer and that is my Vogue 1395 dress.  I just don't like the way it pulls backwards and it annoys me when I wear it.  To date this dress has only been worn twice.

The Tessuti Alice top was a non starter and in hindsight this was probably more due to the fabric than my earlier complaints.  The fabric was not at all drapey and way to sheer so it didn't get worn even once.

Lastly this Sewaholic Belcarra went in the donation pile because I just didn't like the fabric.

The Figures for 2015

In 2015, I made a total of 83 items.   Not all of these were for me.   My me made items totalled $1573.79 and RTW $983.32.  Most of my RTW purchases were shoes but some underwear featured as well.  This total was a little higher this year due to an overseas trip. One thing that has altered is my fabric stash.  This seems to have rather taken over and is another thing I hope to get under control in 2016.

Plans for 2016

I am not really one for making sewing plans but, I have another pair of Ginger jeans planned plus I would like to improve my swimwear and underwear skills.  No doubt there will be many more things made but I tend to sew what I feel like making and not planning too far ahead.  For now though, I have finally caught up on photographing the things I have made recently thanks to a trip to Abel Tasman National Park and a couple of weeks of much needed R&R in the form of camping.  So without further ado, lets get on with 2016!


  1. Well done. You produce so much. I really enjoy following your blog to see all that you sew. It is great that you sew things you can wear every day.

  2. You have had a fantastic sewing year Andrea. I love that you make practical garments that get a lot of wear too. I look forward to following you in 2016.

  3. 2015 was a fantastic sewing year for you Andrea. Bring on some more beautiful projects for 2016!

  4. Great work. I also love your Cascade and your leather jacket. :)

  5. Wow, you should be very proud of yourself.
    That is a lot of sewing and a lot of GOOD sewing.
    xx N

  6. Great round up! I think the ginger jeans might have to be on my 'to sew' list in 2016. My favourite thing is to do wardrobe inventories and see how many items are 'me made'. Such a good feeling!


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