Maxi Skirt McCall's 6559 Hack

Right before Christmas, and I am talking maybe a day or two before my house guests arrived and I finished work for the year, I decided I simply must have a maxi skirt to take away on my camping holiday.  I had some lovely rayon knit fabrics I had bought at Fabric Visions half price sale on their sale fabric table.  I wasn't sure what I was doing and didn't really have a pattern.  Talk flying by the seat of my pants!  I just knew that I must have that darn skirt. 

After obsessing about said skirt for around 24 hours, I cut it out and whipped it up.   I used I used McCall's 6559 for my pattern and simply cut it off at the waist.  I then added a waistband  and threaded through some wide elastic....job done!

I wore my new skirt out to dinner on our camping holiday.  It was perfect to cover legs that had already seen a lot of sun that day and just dressy enough for our casual restaurant overlooking the beach.  I have had maxi dresses in the past and these haven't really had a lot of use.  A skirt just might be a bit more practical for my lifestyle and the fact that it has already had it's first outing is a positive start!


  1. Lovely maxi skirt Andrea. I'm sure this will be a very useful addition to your wardrobe.

  2. With all the colours in the skirt and the high comfort / style level it looks like you should be able to get heaps of wear out your maxi skirt. Also your seer sucker dress doesn't look juvenile at all. I have some red and white spotted cotton and all I can think of is Minnie Mouse.

    1. I am sure your fabric wouldn't be at all Minnie Mouse in the right style.

  3. Love a good Maxi in the summer. And yes, the skirt version gives you more options. I'm feelin' ya!

  4. I love summer maxis too. The only one I have that works is a skirt that I cut off an op shop purchased dress. Have you ever made the dress pattern? I have it in stash and am a bit terrified of how it might look.

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