Black Pleather/Ponti Pants

I picked up a remnant of black pleather on Fabric Visions sale table and immediately had a vision of a ponti/pleather pair of pull on jeans.  I am loving all of the rtw pairs I have seen around but not being flamboyant in nature, I felt a toned down pair was more my 

I decided to splice my front and back leg pieces and insert the pleather.  I had leftover ponti in my stash from these pants which have since been passed on to my daughter.  The ponti is deliciously thick so I knew it would hold the style well.

For the pattern, I did consider buying Stylearc's Georgie Stretch
Woven Jean pattern, or Jalie's Eleonore Pull On Jeans pattern but decided to work with what I have.  Ginger Jeans as a pattern was a no brainer really because it is already in my stash and I have used it already.  To adapt the pattern to a pull on style was simply a mater of adding a mock fly and inserting elastic into the waistband.  I added belt tabs so I could wear a belt if necessary but actually I don't need to.  I left off the front pockets in favour of faux pockets because I didn't want the bags showing.

All in all I am really happy with the resulting pants.  My only disappointment is I used the last of the ponti!


  1. That was an inspired decision to use the jeans pattern. I might try that myself sometime. These pants look really cool and will be much more comfy to wear than a full pleather version.

    1. That was my other thought Megan! How durable and comfortable would a full pleather pair be?

  2. Wow, these look quite fabulous! Very glamorous!

  3. Very glamorous jeans indeed...and they must be so comfortable. Well done!

  4. They look great and very clever use of the Ginger jeans pattern. My Stylearc Georgie pattern arrived in the mail today, but I will sit in the queue for a little while yet.


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