Burdastyle Skirt in Mock Suede

I have seen a lot of mock suede skirts popping up in fashion blogs of late.  This gave me the perfect excuse to use a piece of op shop mock suede that has been stored for close to five years.

I initially planned a button up skirt but while flicking through my back issues of Burdastyle, I came across 10/2013 123.  I drew up the pattern to size 38 but in hindsight I should have made it size 40 in the hips.  The style is unfortunately quite a snug fit which makes the pockets a little useless.

After mastering my invisible zip insertion, the fitting gave me quite a headache.   I removed and reinserted that darn zip twice in the quest for more ease through the hips but in the end conceded defeat and just worked with what I had.
I made a lining for the skirt for extra warmth and because I knew it would be worn with tights.

Would I make this skirt again?  Potentially yes, now that I know the pitfalls but I would up size through the hips.  I have ended up with a wearable muslin and used up a piece of fabric that has been around for way too long.

I have to add a disclaimer of sorts to this post.  Despite being a synthetic type of fabric, this skirt does crease quite badly, hence the drag lines in the photo above.  This was taken after a day sitting in an office.


  1. This is such a fashionable style at the moment. Enjoy wearing it!

  2. Shame, because the pattern is perfect for that style of fabric. I find that underlining with silk organza reduces creasing in skirts and dresses, but is an expensive solution.


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