Winter White Cozy Wool Alta

I am never going to win any prizes in speed knitting because my latest project has taken all year in the making.  In fact sometimes there can be such large gaps between my knitting sessions I have completely forgotten how to create the stitches and have to go back to the instructions all over again.  This is very frustrating and how mistakes happen not that I have had any biggies happen yet!

The wool was bought at an end of season Lincraft sale.  It is double knitting 100% wool and Lincraft Cozy Wool.  I really like this stuff.  It is durable but soft and best of all inexpensive.  I find jerseys that rub very annoying and fortunately this stuff doesn't.

The pattern is Amy Herzog Alta made using my customfit sizing.  I didn't do any front shaping on this jumper though.  The panel on the front made it difficult and I felt it really didn't need it.  Because I have a sway back, I did include the back shaping.  I found some of the instructions for the cables confusing so ended up using a little poetic licence so there are probably subtle differences between my version and the original design.

I wore my new jumper today for the second time this winter.  It was lovely and sunny but typical of this time of the year, a quite biting breeze in the open.  I spent the day watching my son playing football (soccer) in a centrals primary school tournament in Hagley Park.  I left my hat on for the photo, because when I took it off, well hat hair just about says it all!

I really like Amy Herzog custom fit jumpers, especially this one, so there will be more, just not anytime soon!


  1. Well done that you can knit at all. My left handed mother was never able to teach me! Classic knit that will keep you warm if NZ is as cool as Sydney at the moment.

  2. well done! it looks gorgeously cosy and warm. I love white jumpers, always so useful as they go with everything and look very chic in winter :)

    1. Thanks! I have always wanted a white cabled jumper.


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