Closet Case Files Sasha Pants

 I wrote quite a bit last year of my quest for the perfect pants.  Does such a thing even exist?  During my quest I did make some good pants but certainly not a pair I would consider even close to perfect.

When Closet Case Files released the Sasha Pants my eyes lit up.  I really love my Ginger Jeans even though I have made quite a few alterations to the pattern to get them just how I like them.  What I like about Heather Lou's patterns is given she has curves herself, I assume she designs her patterns with the curvy woman in mind.  At 160cm tall I am about 5cm below average and fall into the recommended weight for height category, so not overly curvaceous but I dislike pants without enough rise at the rear and this tends to be the case with rtw pants particularly.  Now, while I can alter that with any pattern I sew, I am basically just lazy sometimes and really just want to sew something up out of the packet as much as possible.  You could say I am fabric rich but time poor!  I was also happy to discover that this pattern was drafted using the same block as the Ginger Jeans.  I figured I should only need to make the same changes to achieve tnt status.  To be sure though, I decided to make my first pair exactly as drafted.

The fabric I chose was a stretch drill I picked up at Cotura Fashions winter sale last year.  At $6 per metre you could say this fabric was sacrificial in nature as was the lining which was a piece of printed poplin left over from a project of Courteney's.

There is a lot to like about the Sasha pants pattern.  I love the pocket lining design.  I usually find slash pockets gape on me, but the built in stomach stay prevents this happening.  Queue the happy dance!

For the sake of making my pants exactly to the pattern, I made fully functioning welt pockets which I am really happy with but doubt I will ever use so may not bother again.

There was a lot of fitting involved with these pants.  I found the leg had a lot of fabric in the thigh and it took me quite a bit of shaving from the seams to get them to the point they are wearable.  As you can see in the back picture there is still way too much fabric in that back leg.   I am happy to report though,  there is no danger of any builders crack malfunctions, phew!  For future pairs  I can improve but for now they are okay.  I do think also, the fabric for this pair wasn't doing me any favours because they grew as the day went on.

Will I make these again?  Yes, definitely!  I have already got fabric for two more pairs lined up.  Next time though I might size down one size and see if that improves the fit a bit.


  1. They look great for your first pair, which is always a bit of trial and error isn't it. I am in love with my Ginger jeans pattern, so much so that I'm reluctant to try others but you make a good point about this being drafted from the same block. Good luck with your next pair.

    1. I have been on the hunt for a pattern for work pants so I have high hopes for this one.


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