McCall's 7542 & Lindy Petal Skirt

I was drawn to McCall's 7542 well before our spring.  I had seen it popping up all over the web during our southern hemisphere winter.  I was also of the opinion that the pattern was one of those tnt tops that would come in useful even after the statement sleeve trend was over as a basic sleeved shell top.  So I waited for a pattern sale and snapped this one up.

For my first version, I very sensibly chose a mystery synthetic remnant fabric from my stash to trial the pattern on.   This fabric was left over from a top that had long been purged from my wardrobe.  Because of fabric constraints I chose view A. 

I cut the pattern to size 12 and graded out to a size 14 at the hips.  This proved to be the perfect size and I am really thrilled with the fit.  The top went together really quickly and I was actually quite surprised how much I like the finished top.  I think this is another of those situations where the remnant project was more successful than the original project in this fabric.

Because I am not quite ready to drag out all of those winter coloured clothes yet and we are still getting summer days interspersed with very autumnal ones, I made another Lindy Petal Skirt.  

The fabric I chose is a remnant from The Fabric Store and is a heavy rayon knit with the weight and feel of a ponti but with a really nice sheen.  Once again I cut two backs instead of the petal front.  This was largely due to the size of the piece of fabric I had.  

I have made this skirt so many times now that really it didn't warrant its own blog post and I know from experience that this skirt will fit into my wardrobe just as nicely as it's predecessors.  


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