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 I seem to be a Closet Case Patterns fan girl these days.  My Ginger jeans are definitely among my most worn items but I have a feeling that my Sasha Trousers are going to give them a run for their money.  Quite surprisingly this pattern fits me perfectly straight out of the packet.  I  just need a low seat adjustment and a wedge taken out of the back seam to fit them better than any pants I have owned; a big statement I know!

My latest pair of Sasha Trousers are the fourth pair I have made.  Yes, there are still only three appearing here but one  was made for Courteney and I may write about these at some point.

The fabric I chose was bought from The Fabric Store and actually bought for this project, and recently.  I am trying not to stock pile fabric these days and to use as much from my stash as possible and buying anything else as the need arises.  The fabric is a mid weight cotton with a slight stripe woven into it and a small amount of lycra.

I am a big fan of using pretty fabrics for my pocket linings and trim and this pair is no different.  It provides an opportunity to use up small pieces from the scrap basket.  This time I used a mystery piece of brushed cotton shirting that was gifted to me.

I finished the trousers by adding buttons that I found in Courteneys stash to my back welts to avoid them pulling open when I sit down. 

This pair of Sashas are my favourite yet and have been on regular rotation since they were completed a month or so ago.  The only criticism I have is being cotton they do crease as shown in these photographs.   Will I make more?  Definitely!  I see a black pair in my future and perhaps a lighter coloured pair or two for spring.


  1. These are great Sashas! I imagine they'll get lots of wear ...the perfect wardrobe foundation!

    I'm on a Sasha making tear too. I find that by making multiples, I'm really getting some techniques perfected!

    1. I think the drive to perfect the pattern is why I make multiples as well. I am quite keen on trying to make wide leg pants using this pattern as well.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Naomi! It is a great pattern to work with.

  3. They look great! I can see why you love them so much. Your welt pocket is perfect! I'm a big Sasha fan girl too. They'resocomfortable and practical :)


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