Striped Self Drafted Cardigan

This winter seems to have been all about the cardigan.  I have made a total of six now.  Two have been for Courteney and four have been for me.  My goal when I drafted my cardigan pattern was both this fabric and the burgundy version I wrote about previously.  Both fabrics were bought at Fabric Vision and both are a heavy weight wool blend sweater knit.  The fabrics are deliciously soft and warm and I knew when I saw them in the shop that both were coming home with me.

The fabric was lovely to work with and the cardigan was made quite quickly.  In saying that, I made sure I took my time so that I ended up with exactly what I wanted.

For this cardigan,  I wanted buttons on the band that were both functional and decorative but mostly decorative because I doubt I will ever button them up.  I was a little concerned about the button holes stretching out so used some stretch interfacing inside the buttonhole side of the band.  I held my breath while sewing those buttonholes because my machine seems to loathe making buttonholes with a passion.  It all went rather smoothly thank goodness, because unpicking was not an option.

I have to say, this is my favourite of all my cardigans.  I have worn this one a lot because, well, stripes!


  1. I like that, too. Looks very good on you and comfortable but not slouchy. Love the length, pockets and the stripes. 👍🏻

    1. Thank you! I like them a little fitted as well especially to wear to work.


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