Modified Lander Pants

 Once I had completed my first pair of True Bias Lander Pants I knew there would be more. The first pair however, weren't without their issues.  The first and most significant of these is my dislike of a straight waist band.  I had read that some people had swapped this out for the Closet Case Ginger Jeans curved waist band but for my first pair I wanted to keep the pants true to the pattern.  Having worn them for a while now I was keen to shake things up a bit.

I found a lovely piece of black denim in my stash.  I am not sure where I bought the denim from because over the past year, I have seemed to have a magpie tendency when it comes to denim and have bought anything vaguely useful whenever I have seen it.  This piece was a mid weight with no stretch so perfect for the Lander Pants.  

Rather than rush in all guns blazing on this pair, I pulled out my drafting paper and shapers and started changing the pattern to a more jeans like pant.  I included jean pockets on the front and that coveted curved waist band. I then decided to narrow the legs slightly.  Being short, I was keen not to over emphasize my lack of leg length so I narrowed the leg to the smallest size on the pants pattern.  I also took out the extra inch in the side seam the pattern has built in for fitting.  Since I had made these pants before, I knew I didn't need it.  It just took extra fabric and I am always a miser when it comes to fabric usage.  Lastly I added a cut on fly so that I could have a zipper inserted instead of buttons.

I used a piece of plaid shirting for the pocket bags that I found in my scrap bin.  Courteney had bought this fabric for a shirt but discovered that it was printed off grain.  It didn't work for a shirt but was perfect for pocket bags.   I had no back pockets planned for this pair and also minimal top stitching.  I chose to keep the top stitching I did in a matching thread and because I used the same thread as the construction, I didn't have to muck around changing threads in my machine.

After all of my attention to the pattern alterations, the pants came together really quickly and I love the finished pants.  Because they are less jeans and more pants like, I can wear these to work and they fill a much needed wardrobe gap.  I can also wear them with sneakers and a tee for the weekend so all in all they are my perfect spring pant.  I think I can see another pair in my future.

The above beach photos were all taken a couple of weeks ago at Waikuku beach.  We had been camping there over our Anniversary Day and weekend (Show Weekend).  The weather was stunning, so I asked Joel to be my photographer for the first time.  After two years of art studies at High School he took the challenge pretty seriously.  I think he did a great job!  Joel, you are hired!


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