Black Sasha Trousers

Whenever I am not feeling it in the morning, I have a go to uniform for work and that is some sort of pants and a pretty top.  It is not very original, I know, but sometimes especially at this time of the year, I just don't want to think in the morning and a go to just helps with the morning stress.  

I can't overstate my love of Closet Case Sasha Trousers.  The pattern is nicely drafted with lovely finishing details and I am a big fan of the pocket stays and the curved bias trimmed waist band.    I love being able to use up little bits of pretty prints for the pocket bags and bias.  I know none of this is seen but I know it is there and it just generally makes me smile to think my generic pair of work pants have this hidden detail that make them unique.

My latest pair of Sasha Trousers is made using a lovely soft stretch cotton drill that I picked up at The Fabric Store in a recent monthly special.  I liked the fabric so much that I bought enough for two pairs and unsurprisingly Courteney has ordered a pair for herself.   For the pocket bags and trim I used some plaid shirting that Courteney bought to make a shirt but discovered after cutting it out that it is printed off grain.  The shirt was quickly discarded so it is nice to make use of fabric that is otherwise useless.

All of the nice details mean these pants were not a quick make but I have made enough pairs now that I don't necessarily follow the pattern so this in itself speeds up the process.  I do quite like inserting the zip now, but have yet got to the point of enjoying making welt pockets.  Generally there is a lot of procrastination around this step which doesn't help at all.  I don't know why I do this because they always turn out fine.

Unsurprisingly I am really happy with the finished pants and these have fit in nicely with all of my spring tops and what can I say, black goes with just about everything!  Yup there will be more and 
not just for me!


  1. I have had this pattern for months and am still procrastinating in making them. Your's are gorgeous and fit fantastically!

    1. Thanks Faye! It is a good pattern and well worth the effort.


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