End of 2018 Wrap Up

2018, could well be classed as the year of the top.  I made a total off 22 tops this year, which seems extremely extravagant.  I do however wear them all.  Lets see if they all make the magic 30 wears!  Other statistics include 9 dresses, 2 swim suits, 9 pairs of pants, 5 sweaters, 1 skirt, 1 coat, 3 pairs of pyjamas and 1 knitting project.  I can't remember the exact numbers but from memory I have made 5 items for other members of my family.  

My top makes are as follows:


My Sophie Swimsuit by Closet Case Patterns, still remains a favourite and has been worn a lot.  Sadly my pegacorn came to an untimely death courtesy of an overzealous teenager today.  The pegacorn was then callously dismembered and we now have just the head and wings.  Who would have teenage boys!


It was hard to choose a favourite February make but I think my linen dress adapted from New Look 6145 just won over my McCall's 5400 bikini.


In March I flexed my pattern drafting muscle and was rewarded with a lovely sleeveless woven top which has become a favourite.  It works well as a summer work top and also doubles up as a casual top over shorts.


In April I made McCall's 7542 in lace.  This was the second version of this pattern and so far my favourite.  The lace is nice and breezy for summer.  I am sure the pattern will be used again in some form.


In May I finished my annual knitting project.  I had purchased some lovely merino, possum yarn while on holiday in Queenstown and slowly knitted it over the following year using Reverible Rivulet Scarf by Purl Soho.  The yarn is deliciously soft to wear and I am so pleased I chose a practical colour instead of one of the jewel colours I am usually drawn to.  The grey is extremely versatile and goes with just about my entire wardrobe.


I was a late comer to the Tessuti New York Cape trend but I am so pleased I got there in the end.  I found this lovely wool boucle in Fabric Vision and despite being in no need for a new coat of any sort, I just couldn't leave this fabric behind.


Another unplanned purchase was the grey striped wool I purchased from Fabric Vision, and made this self drafted cardigan from.  This cardigan was worn a ton over the winter which was actually quite predictable given my well known love of all things stripes.


In August I made another merino using Jalie 3352.  This top just wins over my Vogue 1387 in Liberty Lantana  and jumper made using Marc Jacobs wool and McCall's 6992, just.  I think what makes this to the top of my list is because it is black (a kiwi winter staple) and also the lovely diamond print on the front and back.  The printed merino was a great score from The Fabric Store's remnant bin.  Actually now I think about it, perhaps this one wins solely on that merit!


I spent most of September in the US, so I combined September and October.  I did quite a bit of sewing before I left because I was leaving in late winter and arriving in late summer and I had 'nothing to wear'.  My favourite make of these two months was a happy accident.  I accidentally bought too little fabric to make this mash up tee shirt so had to dig through my stash to find a coordinating fabric.


My favourite thing I made in November was actually a no brainer.  I have worn these pants several times a week since they were finished.  I really love the high waist and the zip fly which I used instead of the button fly as drafted.  We had a very wet lead up to Christmas so these pants were worth their weight in gold as transitional pants.


December's favourite is yet another no brainer!  I had Vogue 9253 in mind when I visited Mood Fabrics in New York.  Not only do I love the fit and feel of this dress, it also reminds me of a fantastic trip with great friends.

So that is 2018 done and dusted!  I have added some lovely new items to my wardrobe and a lot more has gone in than out which all means that I am doing very well at choosing clothes that not only work with my lifestyle they suit me as well.  It does also mean that I have more clothes than anyone woman needs so this is perhaps something I can work on for 2019.  The fabric stash also needs attention.  I really do not need any more fabric for perhaps the next decade.  My challenge this year remains the same, and that is to not add any fabric to my stash.  Buying for specific projects is okay but only if I have nothing suitable already.  Let's see how this plays out!


  1. great sewing year - and I love that blue eyelet top, so pretty

    1. Thank you! That blue lace and the pattern were both lovely to work with.


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