Papercut Sierra Playsuits

Courteney and I bought Papercut's Sierra Jumpsuit as soon as it was released.  Courteney wanted to step outside her comfort zone and embrace the playsuit trend as an alternative to a summer dress.   I on the other hand wanted something I could wear to the beach.  Courteney was the first to try the pattern out.  She made a lovely black rayon version printed in hibiscus flowers from Spotlight.  If that doesn't scream summer, I don't know what does!  I helped her take her measurements and she started to make it up as per the instructions and the sizing indicated on the pattern.  She made a lovely job of finishing it and installing the invisible zip in the side seams.  It looked lovely but unfortunately it was just way too big and pretty much everywhere.  

At this point she was feeling a little disappointed because she loved the fabric and didn't want to waste it, so after work, Mum came to the rescue with my seam ripper.  I ripped out that beautifully inserted zip and removed the pockets all together because in the rayon they just dragged the shorts down and didn't sit at all nicely.  I then ran the whole thing in from the armpits to the hem and raised it at the shoulders as well.  I also had to raise it at the front waist seam to stop it drooping in the crotch.  Basically I remade the whole playsuit leaving the zip out altogether as it really wasn't needed. 

It all came together in the end but I note Courteney hasn't worn it since so I am picking it isn't a favourite.

At this point, I still felt the pattern held promise, so I decided to make mine in a heavier fabric, this time a linen.  To test it though, I made mine up using this dress, and the fabric that I had left over from it.  I never felt good in this dress, it was just not well cut and felt a little frumpy on so I was happy to sacrifice it.  It was originally op shop fabric anyway so I was more than happy for it to have it's third life.

Courteney and I are similar sizes but very different in shape.  Her playsuit fit me and given it is not designed to be a close fit, I used what I knew from the alterations to hers to make mine.  This time I left off the zip and pockets altogether.   I used a piece of cotton poplin for the facings for the bodice.  I found with mine for some reason that the top gaped at the armholes, so I had to add an extra dart from the armhole to the bust.  Unfortunately in the heavier fabric it doesn't sit quite as flat at the apex as I would like but in the busy fabric it is really quite unnoticeable.

The resulting playsuit makes a lovely cover up for over my swimsuit as I knew it would.  I am so much happier with this than the dress that I originally made with the fabric but I do feel the style would be better suited to a solid coloured fabric.  I may do this in time and make the trouser version as a layering piece for winter.  We will see!  

Oh, in case you were wondering, the photo bombing stand up paddle boarders behind me in these photos, well yup they belong to me!  While I was struggling with the whole standing up on the ocean thing, these young people took to it like a duck to water.  I have mastered it now, but a whole lot more practise is still required.


  1. that is really cute - this pattern intrigues me and and I love the floral versions you made.

    1. It is a really nice design and quite easy to wear.


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