Longline Self Drafted Cardigan

After my last large project, I was looking for a palette cleanser so something simple and straight forward that I didn't have to give much thought to.  I had been thinking I needed to make myself a long line black cardigan for winter.  I do have a merino cardigan but it is lighter and shorter and more suitable for trans seasonal wear than winter wear.  

I had a piece of heavy merino jersey in my stash that I picked up at the op shop and thought it would make the perfect long cardigan.  I dug out my self drafted cardigan pattern and cut it out.  This really wasn't the easiest to work with at night but I persevered.

I interfaced the front bands on both the button and buttonhole band using knit interfacing.  I cut my interfacing in half because it didn't need to be super stiff, just interfacing one half of each band up to the start of the v neck essentially to make the buttonholes easier to insert and to stop the band stretching out.  I didn't add pockets on this one because I liked the simplicity of the long front without any embellishment.

Once again I ordered my buttons from Aliexpress so this has sat on my manequin for what seems like, and probably is, weeks!  I should have ordered them earlier.

This is one of those not so exciting projects but I know this cardigan will get worn until it falls apart which I feel is the measure of sewing success.


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