Plaid Shirt for the Teen

 I bought a piece of wool plaid shirting last winter and promised the teen I would make it up for him.  It never happened partly due to procrastination and partly due to not being sure he would actually wear the finished shirt.  He asked again this winter when I was making it so I decided  to put my reservations aside and make the shirt.

I used Thread Theory's Fairfield Button Up.  This is my third shirt using this pattern.  The first one I made for my husband for Christmas, the second for my older son for his birthday and the one I had huge problems with, and now this one.  Given the issues I had with my last version, it is a wonder I wasn't put off using this pattern.  It is no fault of the pattern but geez did it give me the run around!

I did run into a small issue when cutting this shirt out.  The plaid was not square on the fabric which caused a little bit of ocd panic when I realised that I wasn't going to be able to match the plaid up to my usual standards.  I chose instead to make sure that my vertical stripes were correct and let the horizontal ones do their own thing and try and turn a blind eye the best I could.  Other than this issue, the fabric was lovely to work with and over several nights after work I ran the shirt up.  I didn't even have to buy buttons as I have a healthy supply of shirt buttons in my stash already thanks to Aliexpress.

I think the teen is pretty happy with how it turned out.  He wore it on our recent trip to Queenstown but for the most part it was too cold and he required a hoodie and a jacket.  I hope he gets some wear out of it before he grows out of it which seems to be what happens with all his clothes at the moment.


  1. A lovely shirt. I have this pattern and some fabric, but am a little scared of shirt making. I hope mine turns out as nicely as yours.

    1. After my last effort, I was a little scared as well! It is a good pattern and well worth the effort.


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