Megan Neilsen Ash Jeans

While on the lookout for a pair of well fitting, wide leg jeans, a chance conversation with a sewing friend resulted in her gifting me her copy of Megan Neilsen's Ash Jeans.  They didn't work for her so perhaps they would work for me.  

I like that Megan Neilsen includes multiple styles in the one pattern and the versions I had seen on IG really looked good.

I had a remnant of denim in my stash that I picked up from The Fabric Store's infamous remnant bin.  I had 1.5m which is the perfect sized piece for jeans for me.  It had 2% lycra resulting in 20% stretch so perfect for comfortable wide leg jeans.

Because these jeans were essentially a wearable muslin and because I was due to leave for holiday in a few days, I couldn't be bothered faffing around with coloured top stitching, I decided to use matching top stitching.  This presented me with a slight problem, I didn't have any navy top stitching thread!  I really didn't want to use my precious sewing time driving to the fabric shop to get thread.  I remembered reading recently that two strands of regular thread make a suitable replacement.  It did work but if I was being super picky, it is not as good as top stitching thread.  I have since ordered some in navy from Aliexpress.

I had some cotton shirting left over from from recutting the front of the shirt I made my son,  and this was the perfect amount to make the pockets.  Yay, another piece gone from my scrap bin!

I ran the legs in slightly on the jeans, fearing the wide legs on my 160cm height but actually they would have been fine as drafted.  I also ran them in 1.5cm down the centre back to account for my sway back.  This made the side seam pull towards the back slightly.  I have now added the 1.5cm I took from the centre back to the back side seam on the pattern so I shouldn't have this issue on any future pairs.

I am quite happy with the fit on these.  The rise is a nice height and the curved waistband fits snugly around my waist.  There is some wrinkling in the legs though, so there is still room for improvement.  I think my furry friend approves.


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