Faux Jumpsuit

My latest project is made in collaboration with Minerva Crafts.  They generously donated this lovely piece of rayon in exchange for a blog post.  I must admit, deciding what to make out of this fabric took far more time than it should.  I really wanted to make a dress from it but am starting to reach dress saturation point.  My second option was a jumpsuit but as much as I love them on everyone else, I seldom reach for the ones I do own.  Oh the dilemma!  This went on for a couple of weeks before I decided to just take the bull by the horns and make another two piece set.  

My starting point was a second Love Notions Rhapsody Blouse because I just love my first version so much.  I then needed to search out a suitable pants pattern.  Stylearc Clare had been popping up on my IG feed quite regularly so I decided this would become my pants pattern of choice.

Because the Clare pants have an elastic waist at the back and flat front, these were super quick to make up and required no fitting.  I added belt tabs and the tie that is part of the pattern to cover up the elastic but really they would look nice with a regular belt as well.

Now the pants were finished I could turn my attention to the blouse.  Because I have made this before, I didn't bother fitting this either.  I did consider making one of the other sleeve options but actually like the sleeves of my first version so ended up with an identical blouse.  

I really like how this faux jumpsuit turned out.  I seem to be having a separates moment this spring.  I am pretty happy with how they all integrate so well with my existing wardrobe.


  1. this is fantastic. such a smart choice, I love a faux jumpsuit. looks great with other separates.


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