A Creation Of A Different Kind

Callum and I were in K-Mart the other day and he expressed an interest in making a gingerbread house.  We briefly considered making a kit but bought the cutters instead.  While I was at work, he got baking.  This was no simple task requiring, rolling refrigerating and precise measurements.  Obviously his hard materials class at school accounted for something this year, because he has done a pretty good job of getting this to a house that actually fits together.  It did however take him most of my 4 hour working day and that was just for the gingerbread.  The construction was very much a two person job and involved most of the glasses in my cupboard.  The following day, while I was again at work, he decorated it.  I think he enjoyed having the kitchen to himself without the constructive criticism of an older sister.  The gingerbread house will take pride of place as part of the decorations on my table at lunch tomorrow.

This afternoon, I cleaned off my sewing table and packed up all my projects and plan on not touching any of it before the New Year. We will see how that goes!  To all of my readers, have a lovely Christmas and New Year and stay safe!  I will be back in January.


  1. Nothing makes a more impressive Christmas centrepiece than a home made gingerbread house! Enjoy Christmas Day and I hope Santa is good to you ... J

    1. Thank you and yes I and the rest of my family were very spoilt.


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