Ticking Boxes

There has been a lot of ticking of boxes going on here of late.  Ticking boxes so I could finish up at work for the year last Friday, ticking boxes on gift lists, ticking boxes on grocery lists, ticking boxes on cleaning lists, the ticking box lists are just about extensive enough that they need their own ticking box list!  Among all of those mundane box lists is also however a self imposed sewing box list.  On this list, was all of the projects I wanted to complete and write about before the end of the year.  I think I have met my target with the sewing, but the writing.....well, we will see!

The Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank was high on my wish list to complete the year.  Fortunately for me, this project was a quick make.  In fact I think it probably took longer to tape the pattern together than actually construct the top.  I didn't follow the instructions that came with the pattern because they really weren't that necessary for me so I don't know what the recommended binding application was but I chose to use self made bias binding using my Clover binding maker.  

There is not much to say about this top.  It is what it is!  I made it out of the leftovers from this top.  It is a very drapey rayon fabric which is lovely to wear but a little hard to get straight for cutting.   Also, I note by the photos above, very billowy in the wind!

On reflection the top is just about identical to this self drafted top that I made for Courteney a while back, except hers had a placket and mine a pocket.  My only real complaint with this top is the depth of the neckline.  It is so low that it is impossible to wear it without the addition of a singlet or camisole for decency.  While camisole wearing is not ideal for staying cool, it does however give the opportunity to wear a coordinating camisole underneath.


  1. This looks like a fun little top for the summer days ahead ~ love the fabric! ... J


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