The Saturday Jumper

I was in Fabric Vision a couple of weeks ago buying a zip or some such trivia when a stand of gorgeous wool blend sweater knit beckoned me over.  It was the $15.95 per metre sign that lured me in.  I had visions of a lovely winter wrap, but of course, I didn't actually end up using my fabric for a wrap.

Once I had it home and washed it, I realised I wouldn't really wear a wrap very often so I changed tack at my daughter's suggestion and dug through my patterns to find my tnt McCall's 6992. Courteney  also suggested a high low hem.  This is version five of this pattern so I was quite happy to mix it up a bit!

Although I do knit, my knitting is quite slow so the occasional sewn jumper certainly doesn't go astray!  This was an extremely quick and satisfying project despite hand sewing the hem.

I wore it to watch my oldest son play rugby on Saturday in a bitterly cold wind and am happy to report, not only is it cozy to wear, with all of those colours, it is cheerful as well!


  1. What a lucky fabric to find. Great casual top and the colours are perfect for you.

    1. Thank you! I was pretty happy with my fabric purchase.

  2. I thought this was a hand knitted jumper when I first saw the photos. Looks nice and cosy.


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