Leko 4420 Blouse

Lekala Patterns and now Bootstrap Fashions Patterns are extremely appealing to me from a price point alone but they also have some very nice patterns.  Added to this the ability to customize these patterns to my measurements and I am sold.  

I was particularly drawn to Leko 4420.  It has the peasant vibe that I am currently loving but is quite classic in design at the same time. I paid the extra 50c to get seam allowances because at 50c I would be mad not to!  

I had been looking for a piece of white fabric to make a long sleeved top for a while and Spotlight had just the piece on their clearance table.  It is a synthetic composition in a crepe, a washing machine friendly type of fabric that doesn't crease easily so it fit my brief perfectly.    I picked up a blingy bra catch at Lincraft to finish the blouse off.

I love the resulting blouse although if I was to make it again, I would probably recut the back hem slightly because it is just a little too exagerated for my liking.


  1. I must try to draft something like this from you tnt shirt pattern. Perfect work blouse and I love your white version. I agree that the tail could be a little rounder, but otherwise its perfect.


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