Jalie 3352 Version 12?

You may have seen a glimpse of my new tee in my last post.  I needed a new top to go with my now favourite Stylearc Harper Jacket.  It just so happened I had the perfect size remnant in my stash left over from this dress.  I rummaged around in my fabric stash and found a piece of black rayon lycra knit and this became the sleeves.  Fortunately this top has both navy and black in it so the black sleeves certainly didn't look out of place.

The pattern I chose is Jalie 3352.  I have made, at last count around 12 of these in various forms.  I really like this pattern so it will feature again.  The sleeves as drafted are 3/4 length so I always lengthen them and from memory slightly run them in as well.  The neckline is quite low, so I use the neckline from Tessuti Alexa which is my other favourite tee pattern.
It really is no surprise that I really like the resulting tee and it does go quite nicely with my new cardigan/jacket.


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