Stylearc Ethel Designer Top

Stylearc Ethel Designer Top has been on my radar for a while because I love the way the pattern is designed to allow for interesting fabric combinations.  The fabric I had in mind for this top was actually purchased at Tessuti on Last year's family holiday. It is a lovely cotton shirting with textured orange and blue thread running through it.  

I had in mind for this lovely textured cotton, a Stylearc Cara top but abandoned the idea after realising I don't actually like off the shoulder tops.

I had only purchases a metre of this fabric so options were quite limited style wise but my choice was motivated by my attraction to slightly cropped tops that can be worn over culottes.

I still stand by my love of the seaming on this top but boy does it run large!  I had to run the side seams in considerably to get it to fit.

While I am pleased with how it worked out, my top was made just in time for cooling weather so until I find a cardigan or jacket that I can wear with it, it probably will not get worn until next summer.


  1. That always seems to happen to me too!
    Your top looks lovely.

  2. That fabric works so well to highlight the interesting seam lines. A beautiful top.


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