The Jeans Making Journey Continues

This particular project, I have been putting off all summer because of indecision.  I really didn't know which pattern to use for these jeans.  I have yet to make the perfect pair!  My Gingers seem to be plagued with leg twisting that I have no idea how to fix despite trying.  My Levi copies have no such twisting but were made in super stretchy denim with good recovery and I suspected the white denim I had put aside for this pair were neither.  After spending a lot of time on the internet researching the problem and examining as many photos of Gingers as I could find, I discovered that I am not alone in this particular issue.  I discovered that if I laid my front of my Levis copies on the back, the pieces followed similar lines but if I laid my Gingers in the same way, they were vastly different.  I wondered if this could be the problem.  My reading suggested a knock knee adjustment might fix it, despite in all my 40 + years not thinking I was knock kneed.  I slashed and spread my pattern both front and back because I didn't know whether I was supposed to do both.  I only added 5mm to the outside leg seam just to be safe but for my next pair I may add more.

I bought the denim at The Fabric Store.  It was a remnant and not quite the right shade of white.  Before throwing the fabric in the wash, I soaked it in a bucket of bleach which brightened it up a bit. 

Because these jeans are white, I topstitched in regular thread.  I added rivets and a button in gold to match the teeth on the zip.

I think the changes I have made have helped with the leg twisting but as always there is room for improvement.  I would like to add a little to the front leg inner seam and remove a little from the back. Although this won't affect the twist, it will mean the leg seam will be further towards the back which will hopefully improve the look of the leg.

Courteney was making another pair of Gingers the other day and she ended up with a super exaggerated leg twist which put mine into perspective but also provided some clarity.  The side seam of my Gingers is being pulled up towards the waist seam so I may try to lower the yoke a little.  This will probably mean I will need to add a full butt adjustment to compensate for lowering the centre back....sigh, one thing just leads to another!  Pants fitting is such a learning curve and I will approach all the changes with baby steps to be sure I am doing the right thing.

I have a very wearable pair of jeans that haven't quite made it to tnt status yet, despite being very comfortable to wear.


  1. I think you are amazing with your jean making. I am yet to even attempt jeans. These look fantastic to me. White jeans are such a great wardrobe staple too.

  2. I think they look great and I really like the new look of your blog too.

  3. You will get there, and once you do it will probably be the same for every pair of close fitting pants . I've got a magic flat but adjustment that I make to all the back leg pieces and it has worked a dream every time. No more saggy butt!


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