Best Jeans Yet

I am pretty sure that jeans making can become addictive.  This pair of Ginger Jeans by Closet Case Files is my 6th pair of actual jeans.  This pattern has also been used to make shorts, ponte pants and also ski pants.  I think I have well and truly got my moneys worth.

Before starting this pair though I was still concerned about the dreaded leg twisting which I had nearly solved with my white pair but felt I wasn't quite there yet.  This time I compared a big 4 pattern that fit well with my jeans pattern.  What I discovered is that the front leg pattern had a grain line that was very different to the big 4 pattern.  This time round I decided to use the big 4 recommendation and see if it helped and what do you know, it did!

I know skinny jeans are on the way out but rather than ditch my beloved skinnys for boyfriend jeans, I decided to meet fashion half way and to make these jeans up as straight leg jeans.  The denim I had chosen only had a small amount of stretch so straight leg jeans with a relaxed fit were the perfect choice for this fabric.

When I made my worn in Ginger's, I altered the yoke pattern to a more curved shape and this now fits my sway back perfectly.  It is a much better fit than running in the centre back seam which was originally my fix for this problem.

My hardware for these jeans all came from Aliexpress.  The rivets were a little hard to attach because they were not a flat rivet but convex.  In an ideal world I would have bought flat rivets but I couldn't find any in antique silver.  The buttons I bought a while back from M.Recht in Australia.  The topstitching thread was another Aliexpress find.

My new jeans are my most comfortable yet and have been worn a lot since they were completed.  My only complaint is being black they do attract lint.  I have plans now for another blue pair because my Levis rub offs are starting to look a little tired.


  1. I'm so impressed with your jeans Andrea. They look great and the fit is spot on. You must be so happy to have tweaked the pattern to fit this well. No doubt you will be making many more now.

  2. These look fantastic and I'm very interested in the grainline change you mentioned. Maybe you could post a picture when you get the chance!

  3. These look a absolutely fabulous! and I'm curious about the grain line difference now too! Hmmm, will have to get out my own patterns to have a look.. :)


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