McCall's 6992/Papercut Undercover Hoodie Frankenpattern

Courteney and I had been admiring some hoodies in a ladies boutique on one of our shopping trips and we decided to have a go at making one.  The patterns in my collection though were not quite right.  I did briefly entertain the idea of buying the Josie Hoodie by Stylearc but really couldn't justify another sweatshirt pattern when I already have 3,not to mention the Burdastyle ones that I haven't made yet either! 

Courteney then came up with the idea of using the hood from Papercut Undercover Hoodie with modifications and I preferred the shape of McCall's 6992 to the boxiness of the Papercut pattern.  I also really liked the dart at the top of the sleeve on the McCall's pattern.  

Courteney really wanted the hood to overlap at the front and not just meet in the middle as per the Papercut pattern.  To get this effect, we added 3cm to the hood at the neck edge grading out to nothing further up.  I used my French Curve to draft a gentle curve to the front of the hood.

The fabric Courteney chose was once again some merino sweatshirting from The Fabric Store.  She lined the hood in cute printed tee shirt knit from Spotlight in contrasting navy blue.

We used actual eyelets leftover from my eyelet top instead of buttonholes to thread throw the tie.  The tie was a shoe lace that may have been a spare from a pair of shoes and happened to match the fabric perfectly.  To stop the tie from pulling out which I find incredibly annoying, Courteney put a row of stitching at the top of the hood to secure it.

These photos were taken at the top of the Crown Range which is the highest main road in New Zealand at 1121 metres above sea level and connects Queenstown to Wanaka.  Yes, it is snowing in these photographs which is why we didn't hang around long.  It is beautiful but rather cold and makes for difficult driving.


  1. Very clever to use both patterns to make exactly what you wanted. This turned out great!

  2. The two of you make a greatest! It turned out lovely....

  3. It looks great! I bet she has worn it a lot this winter. I love the Crown Range road, beautiful in summer too with all the lupins.

    1. I have done the Crown Range in summer but this was the first time in winter.


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