McCall's 6992 in Liberty Fleece


When The Fabric Store got their latest shipment of Liberty Fleece, I was straight down there to choose a piece.  My previous hoodie made using their fleece was now a few years old and although the fleece itself is still going strong the ribbing is starting to pill with continual use.  This hoodie is very well loved so although the Liberty Fleece is pricy it is certainly well worth its weight in gold when you factor in the amount of time I spend wearing it.

It was so hard to choose a new fabric, the selection was so good.  I really wanted the print I chose in the blue colour, but the Christchurch store had none in stock.  I chose the darker colour, and actually I am quite glad I did now.  It is a little more subdued in what is really a very busy print.

The sweatshirt was one of my very early spring makes so has been completed for quite a while.  I used McCall's 6992, which is my go to for all things sweatshirt and pullover, adding a hood which was my own adaption.

The hood is lined with a piece of cotton tee shirting which I had put aside for another project but needed to be used because my scrap bin quite unusually yielded nothing suitable.  The ribbing was from my stash.  Whenever I see good quality ribbing on sale tables, I snap it up because it comes in handy.  This ribbing is a nice cotton ribbing with a high spandex content so should keep its shape nicely.  To break up the busy fleece print a bit, I added strips of the pink cotton jersey that I lined the hood in, to the raglan sleeve seams.  Finally I finished my hoodie off with a couple of shoe laces drawn through a buttonhole and channel in the hood.

This is another of those projects that will see more wear in the autumn than this time of year, although what is not to like about snuggling up in a fluffy hoodie on a rainy day even if it is summer!


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