The Sewing Revival Fernbird Dress


My latest dress was made in partnership with Minerva.  They donated this lovely Viscose Challis in exchange for a blog post.  Before it even arrived I knew it was destined to become a Sewing Revival Fernbird Dress.  I have been wanting to make this dress since last summer and I just knew this fabric would be perfect.  It has enough weight to hang nicely but also retrains drape.

Because the dress has no closure and besides the ruffle, actually has only two main pieces, the front and back it was a pretty quick make even accounting for the metres of gathering required.

I made a size 10 and graded to a 12 at the hips.  I could have just made a straight size 10 in hindsight but I rather like the extra room.  It just means more room for dessert!  I shortened the dress at the lengthen and shorten line by 3cm but also removed a further 3cm at the hem.

Will I make this dress again?  Yes, definitely!  I love how it turned out.  The fabric is lovely to wear, it barely creases and the dress can be dressed up or down.  I rather like the idea of wearing it with sneakers and a jean jacket but it would look equally good with heels as well.


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