Self Drafted Top


I have been admiring those grown on sleeve elasticated woven tops appearing on my sewing news feed for probably more than a year now.  I had been meaning to buy a pattern but recently I have been invested in using what I currently have so I am guessing this new mindset had finally sunk in an dropping a significant chunk of pattern change on a pattern I could draft myself seemed a little silly.  I had all the books and all the skills but during the working year, perhaps not the time.  That all changed though when I took an extra weeks leave from work over the Christmas break.

Faced with a mounting pile of useable fabric leftovers, I decided to start the year with a little scrap busting project.  I do like a top with a bust dart so my starting point was my self drafted bodice block which I used to produce this top some time ago.  I still have this in my wardrobe so know it is a good fit still.  I measured the length that I wanted to sleeve to finish at and simply drew it onto my block, changed the neckline to a crew from a v-neck and hey presto I had a new top pattern.

For my first top, I used a piece of linen that was left over from this dress which has become a summer staple.  It is a little too sheer to use for a bottom weight so was perfect for this top.

The sleeve band is created by just turning and top stitching and then threading elastic through the casing.  The neckline is faced.

In a little first for me, I have inserted a little video of the top in action.  I apologize for the very serious expression on my face but in my defence, I really didn't have a clue what I was doing so we shall just call this my focus face!

This proved to be a quick project to whip up and was perfect to get me out of beach mode and back into sewing after the break.  I can see more of these in my future.


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