Cotton Jersey Underwear Set


After finishing my latest raglan tee, I quickly turned around and cut out a pair of Megan Neilsen Acacia underwear and some makeup wipes with the scraps.  This got me thinking about making a bra and underwear set so with the tiny pieces left from that I made myself a Boyston Bra.  I did have to park the entire project for a few days while I ordered elastics and rings from Nellie Jones but an impromptu project with very little notions, it came together pretty quickly.

I have made the Boylston bra several times before and have actually lost track of the quantity of Acacia underwear I have made.  I have finally nailed the sizing on the bra but I think for the next one I need to move the straps towards the centre just a smidge because they can tend to slide off my shoulders.

The lace for the bra was bought at Toms Emporium which is a little treasure trove near my home that is great for notions and trims.  I didn't have my cotton jersey with me so had to buy the lace and hope it would match but given it was pretty inexpensive I wasn't too concerned.  All of the linings I had in my stash from previous projects.

I have been on the fence about making bras for a while now but a recent shopping trip for some new ones was the push that I needed to get me back into it.  I really dislike bra shopping, I have to say! And don't even get me started on women's underwear!  Who decided  we should be  wearing those awful itchy lace offerings that the shops are full of!

I am really happy with how this one turned out.  It is by far my best work yet.  Hmm, maybe I have caught the bra making bug after all!


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