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Given that it is nearing the end of yet another week (I know where did that one go), and my weekend is again going to be packed solid with sport, if this blessed rain stops that is, I thought I would go through my remnants and preloved fabric stashes.  I found 3 tee shirts and 2 small pieces of cotton Lycra and in front of the television last night I cut out 5 pairs of underwear.  It has been a year since I made these last, but last time I didn't blog about them.  The dalmatian spot fabric you may remember from this top.  Don't worry, I didn't cut it up.  I had a small piece left over.  This really is a great way to use up odds and sods. 

The pattern was self drafted using a rtw pair as a guide.  I have a lot of lovely soft thick fold over elastic which I got through the U.S. fabric co-ops when I was making nappies for sale.  So this project also was a means of using up some notions that I would otherwise not have a use for and provided some much needed practice on my new sewing machine.  

After over locking my pieces together and stay stitching my lining, I attached the fold over elastic using a large 3 step zig zag, stretching the elastic as I stitched and overlapping the elastic at the end.  After making these before, I new by experience how much I had to stretch the elastic as I stitched it on.  You get a feel for these things after a while.  I then used a small zig zag to neaten the raw edge of the fold over elastic.  Because of the bulk of this particular elastic, I was unable to catch it in a seam as it would not sit right and would be uncomfortable to wear.  From past experience, my method of finishing this particular fold over elastic is both comfortable and durable.

By the way, the dalmatian spot are my favourite pair followed by the pink and burgundy pair.  For the record, the tee shirt already had the pink and burgundy stripes stitched on it, it wasn't me trying to get fancy!


  1. Oh, and I was impressed by your stripes until you mentioned that. A great days work!

  2. After swearing that I would never sew undies, they've actually become one of my favourite things to make - quick and satisfying. Love the dalmatian spots.


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