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My youngest was once again in need of new swimming shorts.  He swims once a week in a 30 degree pool and this destroys his Lycra shorts in super quick time.  This is the third version of these shorts the first here and the second here.  This time however, to make future shorts easier, I made a paper pattern instead of cutting straight off the original pair...such organizational skills are scaring me!  The navy fabric here is a leftover and the orange I bought from Spotlight.  I lined the front of the shorts with some grey nylon Lycra from this  op shop fabric haul.  I have an entire supermarket bag of Lycra in varying sizes so my son should never get bored with his shorts.  I over locked the elastic to the Lycra before turning and top stitching.   Finally, I hemmed them with my cover stitch machine which unlike a over locked and stitched finish that I used to use on Lycra, actually doesn't break.


  1. Very useful to be able to sew these when they wear out so often.

  2. I always make lycra swim shorts for my boys too, as well as rashies. I make the shorts a bit longer to protect their legs from the sun. These are always so overpriced in the shops and so cheap to make from scraps - win!


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