The Tardis Cardigan

I know it is getting a little late in the season to be thinking about more winter woollies but due to my exploding fabric collection, I thought I would address my left over situation.

I had been admiring this...

It is from Kimberley's and called the 'big pocket cardi' for obvious reasons.  I liked the different textures and the over sized removable pockets.  My leftover collection, I knew, would be perfect for such a cardigan, now where to find my pattern!  The pattern search proved unfortunately fruitless.  My filing system must have the odd kink, me thinks.  I was going to draft a new one, when I had an epiphany.  Why not use my much loved Renfrew pattern.  This proved to be the perfect solution.  I used view B, with view A sleeves and added some length to both the sleeves and body so as to omit the cuff and body bands.  I then split it down the front and extended the neck band to reach right to the hem.

To achieve the double sleeve look, I cut the 3/4 sleeve version in the black, left over from this hoodie, and cut extensions in grey, left over from this jumper to give me the  full length sleeve in version A.  I felt that my cardigan was lacking in a little colour so with the tomato red merino left over from this dress and cut some piping type trim.  It is quite lightweight so proved the perfect choice so as not to add too much bulk.  As it was, my over locker struggled with the thicker areas when sewing on the band so I am pleased I chose not to add the collar as in the original cardi.

 My problem now though was, how to stitch buttonholes into the front band because I knew I would only get one shot at it and unpicking would not be an option.  To get this far and fall at the last hurdle would be devastating.  Also given that this cardigan had so far cost me nothing except time, I did not want to invest large amounts of money putting buttons on the cardigan.  This is where my second epiphany came in.  I remembered that I had thousands of colourful snaps in my stash from my nappy making days and in the perfect shade of tomato buttonholes required.

The pockets on this cardigan are also a stroke of genius as well, if I do say so myself (since I didn't invent the concept, I feel comfortable in stating this).  They are essentially just a pair of large bags which are snapped on and off at will.  I don't know if I would bother taking them off, because I prefer the on effect, but the option is always there.

I have to say, I am thrilled with the result.  I think this cardigan, is my new favourite and I will be using the Renfrew as a cardigan again.


  1. Oh, how cute! Looks like an expensive designer cardi!

  2. I agree with Katherine. It looks like you picked this up in a cute designer boutique. What an admirable job coming up with your own take on the original.

  3. Great knock-off. It looks really professional. You should submit it to Copycat Crafts :)


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