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The sun did stay out yesterday and I did get time to take a photo of my latest project.  Introducing the perfect fitting Sewaholic Thurlows!  My first version was made in size 4 and the second version was cut as a size 2.  I still felt however that there was a little too much room in the leg and seat area so I was determined to make them narrower again.  Fortunately my chosen lightweight stretch cotton denim in acid wash baby pink, was more stable than the Lincraft cotton sateen that I had used previously which enabled me to run them in a little.  I ended up making them 1cm narrower in each panel.  I hope this will be enough because with all of the running I am doing at the moment, my shape is changing rapidly.  Oh well, that is just another excuse to make more clothes!

I found some lovely pink and yellow printed cotton in my leftover bin for the waistband and pocket bags.  Because this is not stretch fabric, it keeps the curved waistband nice and stable.  This time I didn't add the front pocket facing because I didn't think it particularly necessary.  You can't see the lining when the pants are being worn so my hunch was correct.  I also didn't add the welt pockets at the back because I don't use back pockets and didn't want any extra bulk in the posterior area.

I have seen feedback with this pattern that the fly is difficult to sew using Tasia's instructions but actually I find this way of creating a fly the easiest I have come across yet and has the best results.  I also really like the extended waistband with the hidden button closure.   One thing I do not like with pants is that pulled look at the top of the zip and I feel that by using this method the pulled look is eliminated....well it is on me anyway, so I think I will be adapting this method for all of my pants in the future.

Today I am wearing my new capri pants with the top my daughter dubbed the shower curtain top and pink leather sling backs that have been sitting in the back of my wardrobe for the past 5 years waiting for the perfect outfit to wear them with.  Since I am currently working on ditching the black in favour of more colour, they may well see quite a bit of use this summer. 

Given that this is my 3rd pair of Thurlows, you may be wondering whether this is my last.  Well, I am not usually given to making things just once, so the answer is no.  My daughter already has two pieces of fabric lined up for me to make into shorts using this pattern.


  1. You always sew so well. Very pretty outfit - colourful shoes always give me a little lift .

  2. Hmm ... very nice. I like the look of them - I can't believe you have had those great shoes for 5 years waiting!!!

  3. These look superb! And what a fun color you've made them in. I don't have this pattern, but I am intrigued to know how she recommends making the fly. Perhaps I should do some investigating!


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