A Cheeky Red

I am really loving the oversized shirts that the shops are full of this season.  As much as I love the idea of these shirts, anything too large can overwhelm a 160cm tall person such as myself.  I tend to suit a leaner silhouette and a shirt with some shaping.  That is where New Look 6050 comes in.  This shirt has darts in the back and bust darts as well.    I also really like the second version  with the inverted pleat which I might try next.

The fabric I have chosen is a burgundy coloured mystery crushed crepe of some sort with a cotton feel to it.  It was donated to me by my Mum who used to sew for herself a bit but has generally retired her sewing machine except for the odd fix it job and curtain making.  I have heaps of this fabric, so it will make a reappearance again some time in the future.
As per my previous versions here and here, I cut the shirt to a size 10, grading to a size 12 in the hips.  I cut the length halfway between version A and version D which I found to be a happy compromise between mini dress length and short like in the photo on the envelope.  This gives me the option to wear it over leggings should I want to (and I will but more on that later).

I actually nearly retired this pattern prior to this shirt in favour of more current patterns, and there are some lovely ones around, especially amongst the indie pattern makers, but with a little creative drafting, there is life in this old girl yet!  I particularly like the v neck shape and I have plans to work with this and an old 1980's shirt pattern for another version.

Because autumn has struck with a vengeance, my summer clothes have been retired in favour of warmer attire.  Today I am wearing my new shirt with my favourite pin striped skirt made using Vogue 1247, my grey leather brogue boots by Bellini and a necklace I purchased using a voucher given to me by my in laws for my birthday in September last year, and I only just got around to spending.  Yes, I am as organised at spending my birthday vouchers as I am at posting my makes on this blog!


  1. It is such a classic shirt pattern and all your versions look quite different. Your latest shirt looks very work appropriate and the colour looks cozy warm. Love your skirt too - that much be so useful.

    1. Actually it is quite warm . The fabric does have a warm feel. Just as well. All of the rain we haven't had over summer has decided to fall this week! The subsequent cold has come as a shock.


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