Alma Lichen It

Yes, my jokes are corny and my kids remind me of that all of the time!  Not that they aren't prone to the odd one themselves mind you!

This is my latest Alma and was made in response to a whole lot of leftovers.  The lovely floral piece was left over from Courteney's dress, the black light weight linen was left over from well, a lot of things I have made recently including the last Alma and my favourite Thurlow shorts.  The zip was left over from a project that I changed my mind on at the last minute.  All in all, I didn't buy anything for this project.

I cut this blouse to a size 6, like the previous versions but because I only had the tiniest piece of fabric, I made the sleeves and the collar in black.  It all nearly ended in disaster when I cut the little triangle out for version A, when I was talking and cutting at the same time.  After a brief melt down, I recovered my composure and managed to rescue the situation by making the neckline slightly lower than the pattern and reducing the seam allowance to minimal.   Phew!

Now the weather has changed considerably since this photo was taken last weekend.  Autumn has well and truly arrived so unless it warms up considerably, this blouse will not see a lot of action until spring.  Oh well, never mind.  I may still be able to wear it in my over heated office for a few weeks yet!  In case you are wondering, I am planning another more autumn suitable blouse using this pattern.

Here is the rest of that lovely waterfall that my photo was taken in front of.


  1. It's lovely, nice save with the collar too. That pattern works so well for you.

    1. Thank you! It could be reappearing again in a winter version.


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