End of June Round Up

June was in large part dedicated to evening wear which made a pleasant change.  I thoroughly enjoyed the frivolous nature of the dresses I made for Courteney and myself and relished the challenge of working with more delicate fabrics.  All of this frivolity of course meant that my winter wardrobe needs were very much neglected and some atrocious snowy weather left me scratching my head as to what to wear.  July will therefore be dedicated t more practical sewing persuits.

Totals For The End Of June

Minoru Coat

Fabric $30.50
Lining $6.00
Interfacing $12.00
Pattern $25.00
Total $59.99

Pin Striped Pants
Pattern (Used Before) $0.00
Elastic $0.00
Fabric $8.00
Total $8.00

Crocodile Trim Blouse
Pattern $13.50
Fabric $8.00
Trim $4.20
Thread $3.00
Buttons $2.70
Total $31.40

Shot Cocktail Dress
Fabric $30.00
Lining $14.00
Zip $3.99
Interfacing $12.00
Total $59.99

Like previous months, I haven't included the total for my daughters dress.

Total $158.39

RTW Purchases $176.00


  1. Looks like June was an amazing sewing month for you!

    Courtney's dress is really gorgeous and the perfect style for her, and I love your formal dress too - can't believe you whipped it up so quickly!

    1. Thank you. I have certainly needed a bit if a rest after that effort. I think this month will all be about VP (visual progress)


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