Tessuti Alexa Redrafted

After my marathon knitting session resulting in this cardigan, it would be very easy to pick up the needles and prepare to invest another year in the pursuit of a new cardigan.  Because I wanted a cardigan now though, I opted to cheat instead. This lovely grey marl sweater knit, that I picked up on the sale table at Fabric Vision last winter was just begging to be made into my next project.  I had two metres and it was rather bulky in my cupboard so I was also keen to move it on to make room for some summer fabrics.  Initially, I thought I would make a jersey out of it but I tend to find cardigans better for layering.  I had often admired the Megan Neilsen Briar but couldn't justify the cost of a pattern that I could probably redraft myself.

My starting point for my new cardigan was once again my Tessuti Alexa Top.  I cut the front down the middle, adding 5cm for a self facing and added a little width and length at the hips.  I then re-cut the hem to a high/low hem, or duck tail as my kids would call it.  I think this adds a little interest to an otherwise plain cardigan.  The neckband I cut exactly to the pattern but curved the ends and these finished behind the front facing.  I had planned on adding buttons to the front but discovered that the fabric was too thick for my button holer which was a little frustrating.   I overcame this though by adding snaps with my snap press. 

Now you may be wondering what happened to the rest of the fabric!  Well, you know how some days when you are cutting, nothing goes right?  The day I cut this cardigan was one of those.  Despite having 2 metres to play with, I actually ended up with very little left over.  It is a shame because I love this fabric, but in the end it was probably a blessing in disguise.


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