Crimson Inspiration

Project inspiration, for me, sometimes comes at very unexpected times and this is certainly the case with my latest project.  Originally this lovely crimson red satin was destined to be skirt lining, until a particularly cold dark July evening.  My door bell rang and on  the other side of the door was the mother of  my daughters friend.  In her hand was a bottle of wine to say thank you for rescuing her teenage French exchange student and the family dog  who had both inadvertantly been locked out of the house in the cold of the evening.  To cut a long story short, I don't know whether I was more struck by the bottle of wine being handed over or the lovely cheerful pink blouse that my daughters, friends mother was wearing.  I did however, have one of those, I know what I am making next moments.  So the lovely crimson red satin was destined to become another Burda Style Boyfriend Shirt from issue 2/2013.

For this particular version, I made it exactly as I had the previous, removing 1.5cm from the sleeve header but otherwise keeping everything else the same.  I have found this time that in the slightly heavier fabric that it looks a little more oversized but with slim fitting pants, this isn't really a problem.

Now, while I am on the topic of slim fitting pants.  I have made another pair of Tessuti Anita Ponti Pants made using some black ponti that I picked up at Cotura Fashions end of season fabric sale for a knock down price of $6 per metre.  As previously, I added 2cm to the back rise and reduced the front rise by 2cm.  I made the elastic tighter because my printed pair are a bit loose.  I made the legs exactly to the pattern, but now that I look at the above photo, after a day of wear, they are looking like they would benefit from running in.  I think I will do this to match my previous pair, before I wear them again.  I find it is a fine line between leggings and trousers and although I don't want them baggy, I don't want them to look like leggings either.


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