And I Shall Call It "White Cardigan"

Last winter I happened across some very retro white flecked Crucci Cotton Crinkle.  This yarn is 58% cotton, 26% acrylic, 13% wool and 3% nylon.  I knew I wanted to make a cardigan but finding a pattern was a little more complicated.  Initially I began a Miette but discovered that the textured lumps in the yarn made for uneven holes in the pattern.  After extensive searching through both my patterns, and Ravelry, I decided to make something up.  "Making something up" was something I did a lot in my youth and at this time most of my jerseys and cardigans were originals.  Knitting is only something I have returned to recently so this was a brave move on my behalf.  My memory however did not fail me and the resulting cardigan is very much made up.  My biggest challenge was trying to match the winter white cotton blend yarn, to something more suitable to make bands.  I settled on winter white Cleckheaton 10 ply country Aran in 100% wool.  This stuff was lovely to work with and made nice even bands.

I am really happy with the resulting cardigan.  I am not happy however in the resulting tennis elbow.  Sadly I have just worked out that my elbow which has been aching for the last couple of months has been aggravated by my knitting interest being rekindled.  After my current project is off the needles, I may have to hang them up until it is healed.


  1. I'm so impressed - I've never mastered knitting. I can see you getting lots of wear out of your original creation :)

  2. Wow you knit just as well as you sew. The lovely textured yarn makes your cardigan extra special.


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