End Of March Wrap Up

End Of March Wrap Up
March was a slow month on the blogging front.  This was largely due to life getting in the way of regular blogging but also because there are a couple of projects that I was completing which are yet to be written about.  One of these was a knitting project and the second a sewalong which has been just about completed for the past few weeks but I am not able to write about just yet!  The suspense is killing me.  When I have completed a project I ususally like to write about it straight away.
Jaipur Dress
Pattern $10.78
Fabric Gifted $0.00
Lining $15.38
Zip $3.99
Total $30.15
Black/White Vogue Dress
Pattern $10.78
Fabric $2.00
Total $12.78
Grey Tessuti Tee
Fabric $6.00
Pattern (used before)$0.00
Total $6.00
Vibrant Colette Dress
Pattern (free from library) $0.00
Fabric $31.00
Lining (remnant) $0.00
Zip (from stash) $0.00
Total $31.00
Total Me Made $79.93
Total RTW $151.00


  1. The 'unmentionable' sewing project sounds intriguing, can't wait to hear about it. March for you definitely was a successful month in the MeMade department, favourite would have to be the Jaipur dress .. J

    1. The Jaipur dress is my favourite as well. The mystery project is still under wraps but has been worn this weekend. I am looking forward to revealing it!


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