Vogue Meets Tessuti

Part of my winter clothing wish list this year, was a little black fitted skirt to wear with tights and loose fitting tops.  I had a piece of thick synthetic ponti with great stretch recovery, in my stash that had originally come from the op shop that would be the perfect choice.  It was Lara of "Thornberry" that actually gave me the push I needed to turn this into reality.  That and my need of a quick and easy project after the marathon school ball sewing.  Instead of buying a pattern, although I was tempted by Colette's latest offering, I opted to make my own, or more accurately adapt something I already have.  It is no surprise then that my pencil adaptation of Vogue 1247 was my go to pattern.  I used the front, cut twice on the fold and the waistband shortened to comfortable length, both for pulling over my hips and to fit my waist.  I then simply ran my skirt pieces in until I got the desired fit.  I wasn't aiming for negative ease because I am not a fan of bodycon, but zero ease.  I then stitched on the waistband and threaded a piece of elastic through a gap left when sewing the two ends together.  I twin needled the waist seam and hemmed it to a length I am comfortable with.

I love this skirt!  It is comfortable, sits beautifully and requires no ironing.  What more could I want in an article of clothing!

The keen eyed of you will notice my new top.  I used the leftover merino from this dress, to make another Tessuti Alexa top.  There is not a lot to say about the Alexa top.  This type of top is the real workhorse in my wardrobe.  I wear them with jeans for the weekend and skirts for work during the week. There will be more of these.


  1. I need one of these skirts in my wardrobe too - it'd be so comfortable for work!

    Your topstitching on your Alexa top is amazing BTW, it looks beautifully made.

    1. Thank you but the twin needle makes the process look harder than it is!

  2. No ironing really got my attention. Love the block colours and simple lines.

  3. Great skirt and great outfit! Glad that I was inspirational in some way! I love my stretchy skirts.


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