Tessuti Alexa Tees

The lure of The Fabric Store's winter sale was too much for Courteney and I, one miserable Sunday afternoon.  We pulled on coats and boots and drove across town in snow in pursuit of merino.  We had master 11 in tow, who was most unimpressed by the idea of fabric shopping especially when he realised the only fabric he was even remotely interested in, swimwear in lurid colours, was not even in stock. Our efforts were not in vain and we arrived home looking like very cliched shoppers.  The score of the day was my find but Courteney's purchase, some beautiful double faced plaid wool coating by Marc Jacobs.  This will become a coat for next winter.  In the meantime though, there were two pieces of merino knit that were earmarked for immediate attention.

After I had completed my holiday sewing, I offered to make both pieces up.  Courteney doesn't have a lot of experience sewing knits and didn't want to risk ruining her lovely merino fabrics.

We opted again to make up Tessuti Alexa, a short sleeved version for the lightest weight piece and the long sleeve version for heaviest.  I lowered the neckline 3cm on both tops.  I almost came to grief on the first top, melting the shoulder seam but fortunately there was enough length to recify it.  For the second top I made sure to use a pressing cloth.  Both tops were hemmed and the neck topstitched with a twin needle.

Courteney is pretty happy with both tops.  The long sleeve one will make a lovely layering jumper for spring and notoriously cold lecture theatres.


  1. Good basic tee pattern. Calculus...that's impressive!


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