Me Made May 2016

I have participated in Me Made May again but this time only on Instagram and also due to personal circumstances not for the entire month.  Please bare with me now while I try to cram three weeks into one blog post.

The month started out very much like summer but by the end we had skipped autumn altogether and have been plunged straight into winter.  Oh, well it was nice while it lasted!

Day 7 - wearing Papercut Anima pants in lightweight bengaline and linghtweight merino boyfriend cardigan adapted from Jalie 3352

Day 8 - wearing Stylearc Courtney top and Ginger jeans for Mother's Day coffee with my daughter Courteney.

Day 9 - Back to work today after my unscheduled extended leave wearing New Look 6781 and Stylearc Elle pants.

Day 10 - wearing McCall's 6992 top and Stylearc Elle Pants for another day at the office .

Day 11 - the warm weather continues so I gave New Look 6301 one last wear for the season.

Day 12 - wearing Vogue 1247 skirt, Sewaholic Belcarra top and Grainline Morris for another late summer like day at work.

Day 13 - For casual Friday, wearing McCall's 66111 jacket and Papercut Flutter top.  

Day 14 - another warm day so wearing Stylearc Maddison top and Ginger jeans to watch my older son play rugby.

Day 15 - off to the garden centre this morning to buy plants wearing New Look 6648 top, modified Grainline Cascade jacket and Ginger jeans.

Day 16 - wearing Grainline Morris, Stylearc Elle pants and Sewaholic Belcarra to work.

Day 17 - wearing Grainline Morris, Sewaholic Renfrew, and full skirt remake using Vogue 1247.

Day 18 - wearing Sewaholic Granville lengthened to a dress for work.

Day 19 - wearing Stylearc Elle pants and Burdastyle top to work.

Day 20 - wearing New Look 6050 for casual Friday at work.

Day 21 - Out to dinner wearing Ginger jeans in ponte and faux leather and Bootstrap Fashions blouse.

Day 22 - tile shopping and visiting Mum wearing Sewaholic Grandville and Ginger jeans

Day 23 - wearing Tessuti Sydney jacket and Jalie tee dress, on a very cold wet day, to work.

Day 24 - wearing a self drafted merino polo neck tee, Lekala jacket and Lindy Petal skirt to work.

Day 25 - wearing New Look 6145 for a very long day at work!

Day 26 - wearing Vogue 1027 mash up dress in merino for work.

Day 27 - wearing Stylearc Kendal knit top for casual Friday.

Day 28 - wearing Stylearc Kylie Knit top and Stylearc Ziggi jacket in leather for grocery shopping.

Day 29 - wearing Papercut Undercover Goody and Tessuit Alexa tee.

Day 30 - wearing Sewaholic Cordova in wool, Tessuti Alexa in merino and Vogue 1247 skirt in printed denim to work.

Day 30 - wearing McCall's 6992 and modified Lindy Petal skirt for work.  There was no time for photos this morning because it was bucketing down with rain so I had to drive my son to school.

Me Made May was definitely made easier with the warm weather but I managed to get to the end of the month with quite a few unworn items in my wardrobe so the extra week would not have proved much extra of a challenge.  It will however be a relief to not have to take any photos tomorrow!


  1. You have some fabulous garments in your wardrobe Andrea and I have enjoyed following along with you this month. I agree that the unusually warmer days at the start of May made it easier to encorporate some extra garments that I would not have thought of wearing at this time of the year.

    1. Thank you! I have enjoyed following your outfits as well!

  2. I have really enjoyed viewing your MMM2016 wardrobe and you have given me some good ideas for my wardrobe. Thank-you. I have many of the patterns you have used and I will be taking a feather out of your cap and making some similar garments. I particularly liked your Granville shirt dress and your V1247 skirt.

    1. Thank you Marjorie. V1247 is my favourite skirt pattern.

  3. Always so stylish. I love that white new look top and your Morris jackets, but you have so many great things. I hope you are doing OK x

    1. My Morris jackets are some of my favourites as well.

  4. I've enjoyed all your outfits on IG too! I think it's a great time of year for a me-made month because it starts out all summery for us, so we get to wear some of our summer gear, and then is usually quite wintery by the end, so we get to wear some more of cooler weather gear.

    1. Thank you Carolyn! It is certainly helpful with the seasonal transition.


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